Park K.G. School is a pioneer Institution of its kind in Ishapore area. The school made its beginning in a very modest by Smt. Mannama Anthony the spouse of Controller of Inspection Small Arms in 1962 to cater the growing demand for a kindergarten school for the wards of the factory employees as well as people of neighbouring areas. From the beginning construction and maintenance of Park K.G. School is being maintained by Rifle Factory Ishapore. The control of the school was vested in Park K.G. School Managing Committee. In the year 2013 school has been brought under the aegis of Rifle Factory Ichapur Welfare Education Society. Now it is administered by the Managing Committee of RFIWES. Initially the school had only one teacher and limited number of students but with every passing year, the school gained popularity among the local residents and factory employees. Gradually number of classes had to be enhanced and provision had to be made for teachers so as to have close and intimate relation with school. A regular uniform for the students was introduced sometime in 1971-72. From 1980 Park K.G. School started functioning from its present site. The school added an assembly hall to inculcate devotion in the minds of young students. At present the school is in its successful functioning under the direct assistance and co-operation of RFIWES Managing Committee. The school is ideally located in the Park Estate Ishapore in a beautiful and attractive surrounding. The students are well taught with personal guidance of qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers. The school has Play Group, Nursery, LKG and UKG classes. Children are taught Hindi, English and Maths along with which are compulsory. They are also taught art & craft, dance, singing etc. The standard of education is quite evident from the fact that the students passing out from this school get admission in good schools where admissions are based on screening test. Apart from imparting education the school is also performing various national celebrations round the year like Independence Day, Republic Day etc. as well as Teacherís Day and Childrenís Day. The school is being operated through the Principal, dedicated teachers and administered by able and dynamic leadership of RFIWES Managing Committee.


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