Ours is a school of dreams, fantasies where the children achieve fulfillments in myriads of curriculums. From here the children are groomed to dive in the pool of modern education system. We aim high, take sky as the limit for a child to be nurtured in a motherly environment. Amidst the green the children breathe for freedom, quench the thirst for what they miss at homes. The teachers are trained enough to fight all odds and perform the best. Every child is a gift of Nature and hence, special. We promise and committed to endeavour to make this place a substitute of their sweet homes. Our school is big but we can make it bigger. Meticulous efforts are made to make a child better to fit in the modern age. The management is kind enough to trust me to coordinate everything and has provided the best tools to garner the quality desired. I believe, with you, we can pour the best and discharge an untiring effort to enrich. Hence I grow an urge to pursue my dream in making the best. I know and practice that incessant effort is key to fulfillment. Children are like flowers and are the builders of nation.


Give your hands to me, have faith and taste the best. Good luck.


Smt. Pampa Majumdar Sengupta

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